The North West of England's Newest Waterfront Development

Overview of The Waterfront

The Waterfront Business Park:

The Waterfront Business Park is a high quality business location where companies can build offices, workshops or industrial buildings.

A new Local Development Framework and Action Area Plan sets out how the area should be developed,making it easier for investors and companies to get started quickly.

Land is available at £100,000/acre for B1 office, B2 workshop, and B8 Warehouse premises construction. The  area can accomodate up to 25,750 sq m in its first phase and overall 65,000 sq m of development.

Only proposed B1 uses have a threshold limit, of  20% of the overall 65,000 sq m floorspace, but even this permits up to no more than 13,000 sq m of B1 floorspace to be provided over the lifetime of the  whole of Waterfront Business Park.

High quality design (although elevational treatments will be left to the individual developer to determine, subject to the criteria set out in  the Port Area Action Plan) and Car parking provision should observe the criteria set out in the adopted Cumbria and Lake District Joint Structure Plan


  A marina village will include:


  • new 400 to 450 berth marina enclosed in the dock in the town centre
  • 600 homes 
  • possibly a landmark bridge over the Buccleugh dock
  • Boat transfer lift or a short canal linking the marina to the sea
  • Watersports centre  

View  the First phase of the Business Park below - here you can see Plot 1:

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The Business Park and Marina Master Plan acts as a guide to growth, it is shown below:


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