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Capital & Job Grants

The Waterfront, Barrow in Furness is located within  a UK Assisted Area where discretionary capital grants and job grants are potentially available  for large projects seeking more than £2m in assistance.

Looking for business finance?
Download the Grants application form here (pdf)

Companies with more than 250 employees are currently able to apply for Assisted Area discretionary grants worth up to 15% of eligible project costsprovided their bid seeeks £2m or more.There is also a scheme that helps offshore renewables related manufacturing to bid for funds under the grant scheme.

Companies with under 250 employees and more than 50 employees are able to apply for discretionary grants of up to 25% of eligible project costs on a similar basis to above.

Companies with under 50 employees are able to apply for grants of 20% to 35% of eligible project costson a similar basis to above.

There are locally administered discretionary grant schemes available too, Some of these offer up to £5,000 for each job created.Others offer up to £20,000 for product and process development.You can be briefed on these by calling Val Robinson at 01229 820611.

Grant application forms are available from Stuart Klosinski or Val Robinson at Furness Enterprise 01229 820611.

To help us support your grant request please summarise your precise requirements on the proforma in the 'Your Requirements' section which is accessible by looking here.


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