The North West of England's Newest Waterfront Development

The Business Park

Anchor Line Business Park

Work on phase two of The Waterfront, formerly known as Anchor Line, Business Park will involve new roadways  constructed to adoptable standard and serviced industrial plots.

Allotment o areas may be transfered to another ownership . All landscaping will remain in Cumbria County Council's ownership.

The Business Park will be complemented by a short canal or boat lift, marina village, marina and waterfront sports facilities.


Anchor Line area of the Business Park:

Will provide further B8 development adjacent to Plot 3 . At the eastern end of an extended central spine road there will be further B2 and B8 business development accessed via a new roundabout.

This inner area of the Business Park will be the focus of B2 and B8 uses, although the exact layout is intended to retain flexibility in response to changing market demand over the course of the development of Waterfront Business Park.

Click here  to see the proposed Marina Village and Marina layout.

Serviced plots will be available in several size ranges.

Companies can acquire plots customised to their requirements.

Your first contact to progress aquisition of a plot should be Stuart Klosinski at Furness Enterprise or call 01229 820611.

To help define your precise requirements you may wish to complete and return the proforma which is accessible by clicking here in the 'Your Requirements' section.


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