The North West of England's Newest Waterfront Development

The Business Park

Waterfront phase one Business Park

The Business Park is now ready for private sector developers and individual firms to set up new operations in B! B2 and B8 use class buildings or undertake approapriate development.  

This 8.39 hectare swhich is Barrow's "energy coast business park" ite is shown below


Plot 1B shown below is the first available for  B1 B2 or B8 uses

The Waterfront Business Park offers B1 office, B2 industry / workshops, and B8 warehousing space for 25,000 square metres of new buildings.

A mix of commercial uses will be expected in Ramsden Business Park. The specific floorspace levels determined in the outline planning permission are:

  •   5,000 sq m for B1 business uses (offices non-financial)
  • 12,710 sq m for B2 general industrial uses
  •   2,050 sq m for B8 storage and distribution uses.

Four indicative development plots  make up Ramsden Business Park  as follows:

  • Plot 1A Building Plot featuring 5,000 sq m of B1 business floorspace
  • Plot 1B Building Plot featuring 8,400 sq m of B1 and B2 business floorspace
  • Plot 2 Building Plot featuring 7,120 sq m of B2 business floorspace
  • Plot 3 Building Plot featuring 2,050 sq m of B8 warehousing floorspace 

The business park will be complemented by a boat lift, marina village, marina and waterfront sports facilities.

A lead developer for the marina will be annonced in due course.

Serviced plots will be available in several size ranges.

Companies can acquire plots customised to their requirements.

Your first contact to progress aquisition of a plot should be Stuart Klosinski at Furness Enterprise or call 01229 820611.

To help define your precise requirements you may wish to complete and return the proforma which is accessible by
clicking here in the 'Your Requirements' section.


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