The North West of England's Newest Waterfront Development

The Business Park

Building and Land Costs


Land Costs are around £100,000 acre:

You can acquire serviced plots of land for around £100,000/acre by negotiating terms with the site owners Cumbria County Council. Dick Cuckson or Richard Moore are your contacts. Both are based at The Courts in Carlisle.



The Business Park land is owned by Cumbria County Council. Barrow Regeneration does not consider that there are any matters affecting the site that would materially interfere with the development for industrial or office uses of the land.


Land Transfer:

The partners are looking for benefits for Barrow from the longer-term development of this scheme rather than securing an early sale of freehold land parcels to the developer.Cumbria County Council as individual freeholder of the site will grant  ground leases on Ramsden Business Park preceded by a development agreement. This will allow a phased development of the Business Park to control quality and ensure the timely development of business facilities that will push forward the growth of Barrow's economy.

Although it is anticipated that a single developer will take forward Ramsden Business Park, marketing undertaken so far has highlighted interest from third parties keen to self-build business premises. There may, therefore, arise an opportunity for a preferred developer to manage a number of sub-divided development plots to third parties. This option would, if developed, be a time-limited opportunity and provided that self-build units at least meet the standards

Furness Enterprise are your first point of contact if you wish to locate to The Waterfront Barrow-in-Furness. The development agency will provide you with an introduction to land and premises price trends in South West Cumbria, and why The Waterfront Barrow-in-Furness offers one of the most attractive expansion options for your business whatever its size and operating strategy.

To help define your precise requirements you may wish to complete and return the proforma which is accessible by going to the 'Your Requirements' section.

To progress aquisition of a plot should be Stuart Klosinski at Furness Enterprise or call 01229 820611.



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